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Video Animations
For Businesses

ZetaLogs offer animation services that capture attention and are very easy to comprehend. Zeta team brings your ideas into reality by adding life to characters through video animation. It creates an illusion of movement in photographic successive drawings in a sequence that attract audiences easily. We believe in finding inspiration for our clients and want to make your business rise and shine in the era of competitions.
The very imaginative, active, and vigorous expertise of ZetaLogs, could frame your work information with fun and colors. As colors always attract and put glitters to the work, it will make the audience more interested in investing in your product. Our digitally creative team transforms boring pictures into the most fascinating videos including whiteboard animations that enhance and attract the audiences and make the business reputation recognized worldwide. The only secret of our Digital Creative Agency is to make a single glance of the audience worthy, and this could only be possible by blending your ideas with our unique upbringing skills, and then only you can feel the work-aura.

Branding Identity

Zetalogs works upfront when it comes to branding your business or product through flyers, logos, brochures, etc that will result in the revolution and innovations in the world of technology, to get along with it through performance, delivering, and branding quality.
ZetaLogs—the company who always takes care of their customer’s needs, researches your product along with defining and giving the company or brand its essential components to give it an identity and making it eye-catching and suitable in this constantly increasing business. Every business wants to express their brand identity just to be recognized in this competitive era of social media, we understand the need for branding and identity creation together as these both require careful consideration. We formulate a branding strategy and examine the worldly going trends and make them so familiar in the market that your brand goes to the maximum possible heights!

Design & Development

We the team of ZetaLogs will help you to get along with your desires of having a perfect and most attractive website for your business is our job to make it market demanding. Our custom-designed software will help you in preceding your business with all the unique technology solutions. ZetaLogs will be delighted in serving your business add authenticity, typically with detailed and out of the box software options.
In essence, our creative agency develops your website with impeccable hard work of our team members as we understand that website development refers to the aesthetic portion of the website and encompasses many different skills that involve in developing a website for the internet and also intranet. We determine the need of the client and how it relates to the work we serve for your product. Whatever the aspect of work you expect, we are here to entertain it with full enthusiasm and hard work. We do what satisfies your inner soul by empowering the I.T!
Why Choose Zetalogs As Our Digital Partner?
Since 2013, Zetalogs have been successfully delivering numerous projects. We have never failed to meet our clients expectations. We have worked on more than 800 projects, each unique yet engaging. We have been continuously working on up coming projects with more interactive platforms for our customers to have better creative experience. We are driven to reach your personal and business goal via our design solutions as we are passionate to make your business dream into reality in no time. Your satisfaction is our goal.


We, the Zetalogs customize your plan, your ideas according to what you desire. We change your ideas into reality with the help of services we provide that are web development, graphic designing, animations including marketing too.


Strategy and Consulting

Our creative agency understands that strategy and consulting is one of the important factors and very vital for the future of our client’s company, we make sure that every single angle is being considered.


Bullet Proof Marketing

Zetalogs knows how to execute our client's ideas to make it effective in social media channels through bulletproof marketing. We build your company by engaging it in the online community because we understand that it is the easiest way to promote businesses.

What Our Clients Say
Jeremy M

Very good work, Extremely versatile and hard working designer.

InDance International

Extraordinary work completed fast and accurately. ZetaLogs is creative and precise with logo creations and the use of the correct fonts and designs relevant to tha organisation.


ZetaLogs is patient and understanding about artistic and creative needs for a logo.

Marisel D

ZetaLogs made an excellent work, in time and demonstrate a clear understanding of my solicitation.

Amira F

Great job. It was a pleasure working with ZetaLogs. They did a great work! Very professional!


ZetaLogs was exceptional children’s book illustrator. Creative, timely and he received my feedback and requests for several edits. He brought my character to life. I highly recommend his work.