2D Animation, Explainer Video

What is the difference between 2d animation and explainer videos?

Before coming up with an explainer video and 2d animation, one needs to have a crystal clear understanding of the differences between them.
The following features that distinguish them both are:
To start with 2D animation refer to the graphic that moves by characterizing object, character, or word created in two-dimensional space that is they have weight and height and requires a high level of creativity and technology to develop, on the other hand, explainer videos are precise videos that emphasize explaining or rather interpreting much of business idea in a manner that is easy and engaging by use of simple and clear language that is appealing and carry attractive visuals that are eye-catching for the viewers.
Additionally, 2d animation has to use animated characters who only can move in 2 dimension state space, whereas explainer videos can use real person characters depending on the functions and requirements of the video.
It is also important to note that 2d animations can go for up to 2 hours to story giving while explainer videos are of fixed duration that requires it to be a maximum of 90 secs and a minimum of 15 seconds.
last but not least 2D animated videos is not a must to describe a product but explainer video designed in such a way that it describes a product to boost or promote a product or company So concluding the facts, both terms are completely different from each other. The above points clearly explain the difference between 2D animation and explainer videos.