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Video Animation For Businesses

Zetalogs is a digital creative agency that believes video animation is an attractive and high-tech innovation that is continuously evolving and we make sure that our expert animators are always up-to-date with the latest trends and news from this field. Today, in this era where technology is taking ground very rapidly, video animation is playing a very vital and big role. They are used not only for entertainment like in movies or games but also in the field of digital marketing. Our team of animation specialists understands the need for video animation for our client’s businesses. We could frame your work information with fun and colors. The most influential point about our creative agency is that we serve 2D animation, whiteboard animation, logo animation, explainer video animation, typography animation, and stop motion animations.

2-2d animation

2D Animation

Zetalogs up works on video animations that will make your business rise and shine. The very energetic, inventive, and creative expertise of our creative agency understands the major type of animation that is 2D animations which are widely used in grabbing the attention of the audience to promote clients business or any product through characterizing objects, characters, or words created in two-dimensional space that is they have width and height. 2d animations videos impact hugely on an audience in 3 different ways; visual, auditory, and kinesthetic that is the sensation of movements in muscles, tendons, and joints. We the team of Zetalogs are skilled in expressing our client’s business messages and products in the digital world through video animations. Video animations for corporates give us the freedom to target audiences in powerful, potent, and thrilling ways. Our digital creative agency wants to make its client’s business successful by blending their plans with unique upbringing skills to create a long-lasting image of their brand in the market.

White Board Animation

Zetalogs is a hub of experts ensures to provide our clients with massive success using innovative techniques with professional software. Whiteboard animations are basically an illustrated story using a whiteboard like structure, and marker pens. From storyboarding to illustration, each one includes the dedication and hard work of our expertise. We make sure to monitor the exceptional service quality of whiteboard animations for corporates as we understand that they can make huge profits in the market of your brand. We create lively and dynamic characters on the whiteboard to give a real feel.Our creative agency has the ability to attract and persuade viewers using whiteboard animations, assures to boost your revenue generation.
3 whiteboard animation

Explainer Video Animation

Zetalogs creates a good explainer video with the spark of video animations. We focus on making it short but fun and interesting. Our digital creative agency understands clients’ needs and what they are trying to achieve for their business. Most clients want simple graphics and straightforward messages through videos for the promotion of their businesses. We fulfill their desires by giving all our time and dedication to expressing their messages that the audience wants to hear. Our explainer videos with video animations display wide-ranging and complex ideas by harnessing both visual and auditory senses together including the video in a very brief and clear way that results in the expansion of brand presence. We use the simple story with dynamic images to convey much bigger pictures of our client’s business in very little time, keeping in mind the visuals, voices, and pitch of the video with the use of appealing colors would be very effective for the market demand.
5 explainer video

Stop Motion Animation

The team of Zetalogs that is a digital creative agency serves the clients with such a stop motion animation that captures one frame at a time with the movement of physical objects between the frames. The magic of Stop Motion animation displayed by our Zeta mates will definitely make your audience stare wide-eyed at your product on screen. Our team has the capability of a wide range of techniques to create stop motion animation, different and knows how to bring inanimate objects to life. Zetalogs will give your business or product unique and realistic texture with the help of stop motion animations via artistic films, shorts, or movies.
6 tipography

Typography Animation

Zetalogs’ goal is to fascinate the audience by the movement of things, especially the moving text to portray the ideas, emotions, and feelings during a video animation. This is basically referred to as typography which will create more attention by knocking the minds of the audience by evolving a stronger feeling and attraction towards our client’s business. Passing the information with the power of movement of words and ideas for the audience is the simplest and most innovative form of bringing the boring and static images to life. The most energetic and young team members of our digital creative agency enjoy trying new things each day to prove to the clients their skills. We always come up with what is expected by clients and more. At Zetalogs, you will never be disappointed as we understand the need for typography. It is a vital component of User Interface design. Our creative agency web designers just do not choose beautiful fonts but they establish typography that provides a graphic balance to your business websites and sets the product’s overall revenue. We arrange the letters and texts in such a way that guides and informs the users about the product very clearly and in an appealing visual too. We establish a strong user following and build blind trust with the audience and help you to carry your brand forward.


We first prioritize the need and vision of clients, then by focusing on the scriptwriting, we create a storyboard for video animation. We further proceed to animate the video only if the client approves our storyboard. This is the uniqueness of our work by prioritizing our client’s need and treats them so well.
The duration of the video depends on how long the script is also how long the clients wants the video to be.
As much as you want to satisfy yourself.
By contacting us via our website, giving us the work, and trusting us that we will surely not disappoint you in serving the best video animations for your business to grow to the maximum possible heights.
The cost for video animations will be according to the detailing of each frame