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Video Animation For Businesses

We provide Video Animation Services to assist businesses in differentiating their content and advancing their marketing and social media presence. Whether you need to explain complex issues about products or services, educate consumers or employees, or create beautiful animated characters from scratch for your company, we can help. Our digital creative agency is ready to use the most up-to-date animation tools and techniques. We generate high-quality animation by combining techniques like 2D animation, whiteboard animation, logo animation, explainer video animation, typography animation, and stop motion animations with sophisticated technologies like Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, and illustrator. Zetalogs is a full-service video animation agency with an outsourced structure that caters to all budgets and ensures that your company receives a wonderful animated video that meets your video content requirements.

2-2d animation

2D Animation

To ensure that we can practically and efficiently meet customer needs, our value-driven 2D animation production process begins with requirement research, visualization, storyboarding, audio editing animatic, layout, and post-production. With cinematic tools that will take your 2D animation project to the next level, our creative agency services take a new approach to classic 2D animation.

To create amazing 2D animations, our in-house team of Animators employs After Effects CC and Adobe Premiere Tools to enable layering, rigging, body movements, lip-syncing audio, and dialogue capabilities.

Our Zetalogs team is experienced in using video animations to communicate our clients’ business messages and products in the digital world. Corporate video animations allow us to reach out to audiences in forceful, potent, and exciting ways.

White Board Animation

Zetalogs has the talent and studio infrastructure to create dynamic, eye-catching, and instructive videos for your business, with over a decade of experience supplying whiteboard animation services to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Whiteboard animations, also known as doodle animations, are one of the most effective ways to quickly and effectively communicate complex ideas. They can be used for everything from text summarization to product demonstrations on various social media platforms to providing instructions incorporate videos.

In the digital realm, a pleasant and engaging medium is gaining traction. The whiteboard animation services offered by Zetalog are great for YouTube videos, television commercials, and website promotions.

3 whiteboard animation

Explainer Video Animation

Explainer Video Animation Services from Zetalogs help meet the growing need for video content across all media platforms. They are growing more popular, and our creative agency can assist customers in making the most of this marketing tool.

Our digital creative agency’s professional video editing and production staff understand your target audience and provide new concepts, complicated issues, e-learning and education, and product and service demos in a way that is accessible to people all over the world.

Zetalogs understands the requirement for affordable animation that is beautiful, cohesive, and educational. Throughout all stages of production, our dexterous and cost-effective outsourcing methodology monitors project development and customer objectives to ensure client satisfaction and on-time project delivery

With our creative agency’s Animated Explainer Video Services, you can attract and engage your audience, enhance conversion rates, and obtain new leads by translating your marketing and sales goals into video content that reflects your brand.

5 explainer video

Stop Motion Animation

The team of Zetalogs that is a digital creative agency serves the clients with such a stop motion animation that captures one frame at a time with the movement of physical objects between the frames. The magic of Stop Motion animation displayed by our Zeta mates will definitely make your audience stare wide-eyed at your product on screen. Our team has the capability of a wide range of techniques to create stop motion animation, different and knows how to bring inanimate objects to life. Zetalogs will give your business or product unique and realistic texture with the help of stop motion animations via artistic films, shorts, or movies.
6 tipography

Typography Animation

The purpose of Zetalogs is to captivate the viewer with the movement of things, particularly moving text, which is used to represent ideas, emotions, and feelings in a video animation. This is known as typography, and it is designed to grab more attention by striking the audience’s brains and evoking a greater sense and attraction to our client’s business.

The easiest and most imaginative way of bringing uninteresting and static visuals to life is to pass information to the audience through the power of movement of words and thoughts. Our digital creative agency’s most dynamic and young team members like attempting new things every day to demonstrate their abilities to clients. We constantly deliver more than what our clients expect!

You will never be disappointed with Zetalogs since we understand the importance of typography. It’s an important part of the User Interface design process. Our web designers at our creative agency don’t just pick pretty fonts; they create typography that gives your company’s website a graphic balance and establishes the product’s overall income.

We arrange the letters and sentences in a way that clearly guides and informs users about the product while also being visually appealing. We generate a strong user following and blind trust with the audience, as well as assisting you in moving your business ahead.

Production Animation Service

Revealing the functional operation of products with attention-grabbing details is a complex process, so, Zetalogs offers to make your marketing campaigns great with its product animation services.

The purpose of Zetalogs is to captivate the viewer with the movement of things, particularly moving text, which is used to represent ideas, emotions, and feelings in a video animation. This is known as typography, and it is designed to grab more attention by striking the audience’s brains and evoking a greater sense and attraction to our client’s business.

Our creative agency uses 2D animation to market products since animation is a strong tool for helping people grasp concepts and things better. As a product animation creative agency, we have worked with organizations in a variety of areas for more than a decade, and we have the expertise and technology to produce stylish, functional, and entertaining product animations.

Product animation services are increasingly being used in advertising because they help consumers make purchasing decisions. They are used in a range of industries to discover potential flaws in the manufacturing process.

TV Commercial animation

TV commercial animation is a highly effective kind of advertising that necessitates a significant time and financial investment.

As a result, it’s critical that they’re handled properly from beginning to end by television advertising professionals, as well as, if necessary, commercial animation and 2D animation experts.

For all of these reasons, Zetalogs has been a trusted member of the animation community for more than half a decade, providing exceptional service to our customers and clients around the globe.

We the digital creative agency are able to match the unique abilities of our talent pool to your commercial and ensure the greatest possible quality by recruiting people with substantial experience in this industry.

Character Animation Service

We provide character animation services that provide animated figures and creature’s emotions, expressions, personalities, and motion. Our digital creative agency provides character animation services to animation and film studios, game developers, broadcasters, social media content makers, marketing and advertising firms, and a wide range of other industries. Technically adept and artistically inclined animators use Adobe After Effects to transform thoughts, sketches, or storyboard characters into entertaining and wonderfully produced animation. We tell a tale via the character, distinguishing them with unique gestures, body language, and facial traits that establish amazing character sequences, using professional animation principles and natural physics of movement.


We first prioritize the need and vision of clients, then by focusing on the scriptwriting, we create a storyboard for video animation. We further proceed to animate the video only if the client approves our storyboard. This is the uniqueness of our work by prioritizing our client’s need and treats them so well.
The duration of the video depends on how long the script is also how long the clients wants the video to be.
As much as you want to satisfy yourself.
By contacting us via our website, giving us the work, and trusting us that we will surely not disappoint you in serving the best video animations for your business to grow to the maximum possible heights.
The cost for video animations will be according to the detailing of each frame