Technical Consultancy For SME's

Zetalogs are always in the front when it comes to the revolution and innovations, to get along with it through performance and delivering quality. Fulfilling the commitment of our clients is the faith that gives us depth in our work so that we could show our best technical services. With the balance of our forward-thinking I.T solutions and our high-class professional services, we know and understand the technical needs and requirements of our clients. Our services to clients include designing, coding, integration test, debugging, and troubleshooting with gaining an understanding of the unique business and technical requirements and also practice strong configuration management and version control. We will definitely collaborate in approaching the client-value and help you draw a whole layout of your needs and refer to your desires accordingly with the overwhelming outcomes. We interpret your ideas to the first quality finished product to excel your expectations with digitalization, flexibility, modernization, and transparency.

Web Servers

Is your business really looking for the consultancy about which web servers over the internet is best for your business to be on the top? Zetalogs is here to provide you with the best technical consultancy about physical servers, service operating systems, and software used to assist HTTP communication for your business websites. Web servers basically refer to hardware and software or both of them collaborating and working together according to your business requirements. From the hardware point of view, a web server is a computer that stores web server software and website component files like images, HTML documents, javascript files but if your websites are weak from the software side that includes many parts that control how web users access hosted files. Zetalogs always prioritize the client’s business by giving impeccable technical solutions like if the client wants to publish a website it will either need static or dynamic web servers. Giving them the right advice about web servers according to their business needs is our company’s keen job to do to make their business websites rise and shine in the competitive digital era.

Website Hosting

Zetalogs not only strive best for digital marketing and web designing services but we also host your website redesign or online marketing services to make sure that our client gets the best care and attention. The hosting services that we provide are ultra-reliable with maximum uptime percentages. We understand that fast-loading of web pages is very important for the not only success of our client’s business but for user experience as well as rankings matters that’s why we provide extremely fast WordPress hosting to our client’s business web pages. Our specialty is web hosting other sites specifically WordPress hosting as it is the most popular Content Management Software (CMS) and our services are tailored to provide the most secure and fastest WordPress hosting. The topmost priority of Zetalogs in hosting our client’s website along with web designing and development services is “Security”. We ensure every possible step to protect our client’s website and data. Zetalogs is always available to ensure which hosting is best for clients’ websites providing uptime, security, and page speed collectively to accommodate any of our client’s needs if they are looking for hosting.

Cloud Hosting

Zetalogs guide is here to help people and businesses to accelerate their migration to the cloud – one that is important to help businesses to reinvent, reopen, and beat the uncertainties. We tell our clients about how cloud hosting is important for businesses. Cloud shares servers, networks, apps, and developmental tools. The bonus of the cloud is that it can be accessed on any device connected to the internet. Whether your business is small or medium-sized, cloud hosting is best for both types of businesses on a limited budget. It provides maximum scalability as much as your business demands. Cloud hosting gives the client root access to the control panel and also uses resources such as storage hardware, network, and other from a cloud vendor. It assists your business if any type of disaster recovery is required and in any case of errors you have the benefit to switch to another server and continue working. If your business wants to grow dynamically and gain flexibility then it’s definitely better to choose cloud hosting.


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